Our History

Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd. is a 3rd generation, family owned and operated, Canadian company, established in 1971 and located just east of Red Deer, in the heart of Central Alberta.

Our company was derived from Parkland Nurseries Ltd., a company established by Earl Beck in 1971 on five acres of land located three miles east of Red Deer, AB, Canada. The company is now split into two completely separate companies; Earl’s daughter– Gloria Beck owns the garden centre (Parkland Nurseries & Garden Centre – Retail) and Earl’s youngest son, Dwayne Beck owns and operates our company (Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd. – Wholesale).

Our nursery division is a wholesale grower of caliper trees and shrubs committed to producing healthy, high quality plant material, suitable for climates between Zones 1 and 4. We have shipped trees as far south as Salt Lake City, Utah, as far north as Alaska, as far west as Whistler, British Columbia, and as far east as Manitoba.

Since moving to our new location in October 2003 we have continued to make additions and improvements to our operation. We now have over 500 acres under production; that is A LOT of trees! We have cold frames and holding areas were we propagate and transplant trees, shrubs, and perennials; the trees will eventually grow on in our fields and our shrubs and perennials will eventually debut on our sales lot.

Our Commercial Landscape division has grown substantially over the years as we are challenged with innovative and creative designs. Our niche is subdivision landscaping which we have had the pleasure to be the Green Connection for subdivisions such as: The Vista (Sylvan Lake), Ryder’s Ridge (Sylvan Lake), Laredo (Red Deer), Timber Ridge (Red Deer), and Red Deer’s newest subdivision, Evergreen. Our team has looked after everything from installing plant material, seeding and sodding, installing entry feature signs, pathways, bridges, and in Evergreen, a large water feature! In addition to subdivision landscaping, we excel at commercial landscaping and have loved being a part of projects such as the Discovery Canyon Modernization, Northside Community Centre, various projects at Burman University, various projects at Westerner Park, Lindsay Thurber Modernization, and Red Deer Civic Yards.

Lastly, our Commercial Maintenance division is continuing to grow as this division was initially started to maintain our own landscape projects but has grown to look after other commercial properties around Central Alberta.

By listening to the needs of our customers and following the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association specifications, not only have we become a supplier of premier caliper trees in Western Canada, but also a provider of the best landscape installation service available with premium maintenance.

Clean Plants Certification Program

(Formerly DPCP Nursery Certification)

Parkland Nursery and Landscape Services Ltd. is fully certified under the Clean Plants Certification Program (formerly DPCP). We are one of the eight original nurseries in Canada that underwent the rigorous work mandated to achieve the standards outlined in the original DPCP program.

The Clean Plants program utilizes an ISO-like systems approach to achieve nursery certification. As the name suggests, it is the objective of the Clean Plants program to produce plants that meet high phytosanitary standards that are completely free of all regulated pests and substantially free from all other insects and diseases. The program does not measure or make a statement about other aspects of plant quality.

The Clean Plants program was developed by industry, in cooperation with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a domestic movement program only. The Clean Plants program is considered to be a clean stock program; that is, it sets standards for overall nursery stock certification. When additional phytosanitary or bio-security measures are required due to a pest-specific problem additional bio-security measures are added to the company’s existing nursery certification program.

Certification status provides our clients with a high degree of confidence that our company is engaged in sound best management practices to reduce the potential risk of regulated pests as well as other insects and diseases.

Safety Program

Just as we stress the importance of environmental stewardship in the cultivation of our nursery stock, a safe environment for our staff members, our clients, our contractors, and the general public is just as high a priority.

Parkland Nursery and Landscape Services Ltd. (PNLS) is proud to have its Health and Safety Program earn the Certification of Recognition (COR) designation. The COR designation recognizes that the PNLS Health and Safety Program has been evaluated by a certified auditor and has been found to meet the established standards set out by the Alberta Construction Safety Association and the provincial Occupation, Health and Safety legislation.

To this end, we have developed a Substance Abuse Policy, a Safety Program, and a Standards Manual specific to our trade. All our staff are trained on the equipment required to perform their tasks and go through a sign off process to ensure they are competent with operating the required equipment. All our equipment is constantly inspected and maintained, by our in-house mechanic, to further diminish the possibility of injury to our staff members.

Our key people are St. John’s Ambulance CPR trained as well as have completed courses such as Leadership for Safety Excellence, Principles of Health and Safety Management, Ground Disturbance, and WHMIS 2015: Train the Trainer.

Our most current health and safety policy is as follows.

Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd is committed to a proactive health and safety program aimed at protecting staff, subcontractors, visitors, contractors, self- employed persons, suppliers, clients, the general public, property and the environment from injury or loss at PNLS property sites or work sites.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. We will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in accidents, personal injury/illness, and or property damage.

Everyone employed by Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd (senior managers, supervisors, other employees) as well as contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and suppliers all are responsible for maintaining the safety program by understanding their assigned responsibilities.  It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure contractors, subcontractors, self employed persons and visitors to their work site are aware of the hazards and to assist them in following all safety rules and regulations.  All workers have the right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work, to participate and to know.

Every employee of Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd shall be aware and understand the legislative requirements, industry standards, company policies and procedures that apply to their work sites.

Our goal is a healthy, injury free workplace committed to maintaining and protecting the health and safety of employees; which includes employees’ physical, psychological, and social well-being.  Through personal commitment and active participation in our safety program, we can achieve this goal. Parkland Nursery and Landscaper Services Ltd is committed to continuous improvement of our Health and Safety program through means such as staff input, industry trends, and new legislation.

The safety policies of Parkland Nursery and Landscape Services Ltd do not precede Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

The PNLS Health and Safety policy is reviewed annually and signed off by the president of PNLS.