Our Growers' Supplies

Tie Tape:


A very thin yet extremely durable tying product used in the nursery industry for staking, tying, training, and flagging plant material. Using the proper strength tie avoids girdling or cutting of the tree or the vine which helps you keep your plant material in premium condition. Tie tape is strong, pliable and doesn’t need to be retied which makes it a go-to product for us at our nursery.

fiberglass stakes

Fiberglass Stakes:


Our custom order fiberglass stakes are high quality, flexible, reusable and smooth. These stakes are as flexible as bamboo but without the rot, fray and splinters that come along with the use of bamboo stakes. Staking young plants is a good practice to assist with growing premium grade plant material as staking promotes straight trunks, strong root systems, and reduces storm damage. Fiberglass stakes are custom ordered and come in all lengths up to 12 feet and all diameters.

Burlap Liners:


An exciting new import for PNLS, we now supply treated burlap liners in 3 sizes: 48”x48”, 54”x60”, 60”x60”.  Treated burlap extends the life of the liner, keeping your rootballs neater for longer. Our burlap liners are available by the bale.


Professional Tree Water Bags:


As any nurseryman knows, trees need to be watered and some seasons, they need a LOT of water as a result of hot and dry conditions. Our 20 gallon professional grade tree water bags are designed to help you save time, save water, and to ultimately, save your trees. Although these water bags are ideally for newly planted shade and street trees, we use them at our nursery for freshly dug trees too as they help reduce transplant and drought shock.


These bags have a zipper so they are quick and easy to set up around the trunk of the tree and easy to fill. As these bags allow 100% water absorption with NO run-off, they can reduce time spent watering at each tree by up to 80%.

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